Love Your Library Month

“Love Your Library” month is held every February and is the biggest fundraiser for the Haddon Heights Library. Over 30 years ago, the Board of Trustees and the Director decided to appeal to the residents of Haddon Heights because they wanted the library to continue to be open 6 days a week and 5 nights. The minimum mandated borough contribution was not enough to make it happen, so “Love Your Library” month was born.

2017 Fund Drive

Your financial help and support is earnestly solicited for the operating year of 2017. Your support may take the following forms:

  • Cash Gift
  • Financial Pledge (Payable 3/1, 7/1, 11/1)
  • Gift for Specific Items
  • Bequest for Endowment Fund

Many employers today enthusiastically offer a “matching gift” program in which employee contributions to our library would be eligible for an additional gift from your employer. Please ask. Gifts and contributions may be deducted when computing personal income taxes.

2017 Financials

Budget: $336,551

Anticipated Funding: $295,551

Deficit: $41,000

House Tour Profit: $11,000

Funds to Raise: $30,000

Click here for a .PDF of the 2017 Fund Drive Letter to Residents

Click here for a .PDF of the 2017 Fund Drive Brochure


Gifts and contributions can be dropped off or mailed to the library at the following address:

Haddon Heights Library
608 Station Avenue
PO Box 240
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

Donations can also be made online using the following link: